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Roots Alliance was initiated 2002 by 3 members of King Ramses An Di Mighty Dwellas, a band they had in 1996, musical style was old school roots reggae. After a lazy get together they decided to pick up them old tunes, and start rewriting some of them. 3 years later it was time to find the right people who was big enough at heart to do this with us. And we found them, one by one the musical warriors gathered to begin the journey. Latest members on board this vessel is Sistah Fyah Nancy on backing vocals, wicked latino Marcelo on sax and irie Rickard on trumpet and Daniel on lead/Rythm Guitar. As a live band we made our debut concert at Skånes reggae Festival on a hot July summer day 2005 and we bruk out like gunshot fyah. Big thanks and blesses to Ibrahim and Reggaewarriors who gave us that opportunity. After that we made all kinds of gigs and stages which we owe big thanks to Ebraima and Hotsteppaz, Yared and Uppsala Reggaefestival, Internal and Rubadub Club and SupaMike and Skyjuice Soundsystem, Johan, Alex And Ölandroots, Lasse Fabel and The Be There Soundguys (hey guys just holla if you got more of dem jam sessions coming up) and many many more of Course. It's strictly roots we want to deliver to our audience which is becoming more and more mixed and unpredictable... as we ourselves are musically. This mixture is very much appreciated by Roots Alliance, since their message is for all mankind to enjoy. The musical influences (Bob Marley & the Wailers, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, Morgan Heritage Family, Gregory Isaac's, Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer, Dennis Brown, Mighty Diamonds, Capital Letter's, Pablo Moses, Lee Scratch Perry, Barrington Levy, Mutabaruka...) of Roots Alliance is wide and also the main musical factor behind our sound of roots rackaz style with sweet melody carrying you away. The solid blend of roots has guided this band straight on to support names as The Cool Ruler Gregory Isaacs himself in Copenhagen, before that artists like Turbulence, Lutanfyah and Chezidek in Malmö/Sweden. Recently we warmed up for LeeScratch Perry. Roots Alliance is a band that wants to spread perception but through positive vibes as a good man once said.

As promised for a very long time now, Roots Alliance has produced a wicked debut album Kushites Come Again. The CD is available and out. The album presents a musical belly full of massive big up roots reggae ina di original style and passion. If you haven't already, then have a taiste of that sweet reggae melody swinging right at your heart:   


Roots Alliance would be happy to get feedback from you. One of our ideas with this site is to start a community for discussions and other exchanges, as musical, for instance. You have two options for sending your feedback and wishes, either by , or signing the guestbook which sends an instant alert. You will get a respond from Roots Alliance and/or Bon Fyah Records within a day. Bon Fyah Records is our own label and an official web site is under construction. This label aims high and have a vision of reggae being promoted so much that festivals and live performances will be wanted by the public and traders. To be able to create work opportunities for other artists and make reggae music one of themusic industry's dominant genre. It is a tough aiming but we think we can do it together if we try for real. United and powerful no force is mightier than one people with one aim... Roots Alliance part III is in fact up to our hard work and how you like or dislike the outcome of Roots Alliance... we're always ready to chant them songs of redemption to bring back love and niceness to the world... so will you let us and help us do just that?

The members of Roots Alliance:

Gibril on drums

FIdel on Bass

Hatem on lead vocals

Nancy on backing vocals

Dennis on keyboards

Daniel on lead- and rythmguitar

Ola on Saxophone

Rickard on Trumpet

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